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Star Trek: Insurrection
We've got pictures! See them here first in our special four-page photo preview of the eagerly-awaited new Star Trek movie.

Star Trek: Voyager
"We threw caution to the wind and said let's just tell audacious, cinematic stories," says Voyager's Executive Producer, Brannon Braga, who was given the task of revamping the show (to read more of this interview go here). Plus: Cast-members Robert Picardo, Jeri Ryan and Tim Russ on the new season highlights - including what Ryan describes as "a Borg that is 500 years more advanced than what we know…"

New Season TV SF
Our eight-page section looks ahead to some of the brand new SF shows coming to the airwaves soon, including: Elizabeth Gracen in Highlander: The Raven, Michael Easton in Total Recall: 2070, Jonathan Lapaglia in Seven Days and alien invaders in First Wave...

Babylon 5
Bruce Boxleitner looks to the future as B5 draws to a close. .

The X-Files
X marks the spot for veteran actor Martin Landau as he plays conspiracy theory expert Kurtzweil in the new movie.

It's next year's hottest movie! We talk to Walter Hill, director of this stylish Deep Space adventure starring James Spader, Angela Bassett and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Plus • Director Jeremiah Chechik on The Avengers • Alan Jones reviews The Avengers, Mulan and Small Soldiers • Your essential round-up of Sci-Fi news in Things to Come The Outer Limits • the latest books, videos, soundtracks and games in our comprehensive reviews section • John Brosnan on Armageddon.

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