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The end is nigh, read all about it in our 12-page exclusive! Bruce Willis - The action movie veteran talks about playing a world-saving hero once more. Michael Bay - The maker of Bad Boys and The Rock reveals how he directed this amazing $150m epic. Plus: Asteroid FX and astronaut actors Peter Stormare and Owen Wilson.

The Avengers
Weird weather, swinging London, an evil robot clone - and agents extraordinary as another cult classic breaks out onto the big screen. Join stars Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, the new John Steed and Emma Peel.

The X-Files
Frank Spotnitz, right-hand man to series creator Chris Carter, explains the challenge of taking and transforming the TV show for a movie audience.

Species II
The female of the species is less deadly than the male: Natasha Henstridge, the returning sex-mad alien hybrid, talks about the new shocker. Read Alan Jones' review here.

Deep Space Nine
As Miles O'Brien, he has to keep the Space station in working order. Colm Meaney shares his thoughts on the show's final season.

Meet Carrie Dobro, whose Babylon 5 character Dureena is joining the epic quest aboard the Excalibur in J Michael Straczynski’s new series.

Plus Halloween: H20Soldier • Your essential round-up of Sci-Fi news in Things to Come (excerpts are here) • Alan Jones' reviews of Armageddon and The X-Files movie • the latest books, videos, soundtracks and games in our comprehensive reviews section • John Brosnan on Godzilla and Mimic.

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