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At over 200-feet tall, Godzilla is undeniably the year's biggest movie star! In a monstrously huge 12-page special section, we talk to creative team Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin; find out about producer Bill Fay's take on Godzilla's 'classic roar'; and discover special effects secrets from Centropolis FX.

As the Babylon 5 spin-off prepares to set off in search of television glory, J Michael Straczynski hints at things to come. Plus exclusive photographs from the B5 telemovie A Call to Arms.

Director Rob Bowman fights the future as the Conspiracy reaches the big screen.

Star Trek: Voyager
Executive producer Jeri Taylor is moving on to new worlds, but she takes time out to tell us about her four years overseeing life in the Delta Quadrant. To see highlights from the interview, click here

Lost in Space
Danger, danger! Space spiders in the area! We talk to some of those behind the special effects in this film re-make of the classic 60s Sci-Fi series.

PlusArmageddon • Nicolas Cage discusses City of Angels The Truman Show (click here for a preview of this acclaimed movie) • our regular comprehensive round-up of news and reviews

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Photographs copyright: Paramount, Warners, Paul Fenton/Flower Children Ltd, Columbia Tristar