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Prepare for Impact...
Disaster movies are back and this time they're bigger and better than ever. We talk to Bill George of Industrial Light and Magic about the Earth shattering effects in the smash hit Deep Impact, and we take a sneak preview at the summer's second end-of-the-world epic, Armageddon.

Babylon 5
Andreas Katsulas, the man behind the mask of G'Kar, muses on Season 5, plus B5 creator Joe Straczynski reveals the crew of the new spin-off series Crusade.

It's Godzilla vs Matthew Broderick. The actor talks about facing up to Hollywood's biggest star.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Producer Ira Steven Behr discusses the recently completed Season Six and looks forward to Season Seven, the final series of stories set aboard the space station.

Douglas Adams
The celebrated Sci-Fi author applies his irreverent talents to computer games with Starship Titanic, and looks forward to the long-awaited Hitch-hiker's Guide movie.

PlusThe Truman Show The Avengers The X-FilesCity of Angels • win autographed videos of Babylon 5's In the Beginning • our regular comprehensive round-up of news and reviews

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