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Summer Preview
Scrutinise this summer's Sci-Fi blockbusters with our film-by-film guide, including The Avengers, Lost in Space, The X-Files, Armageddon, Deep Impact and Godzilla

Dark City
Director Alex Proyas emerges from the gloom to reveal the making of his nocturnal thriller.

Brave New World
Two Sci-Fi institutions collide, as Leonard Nimoy talks about starring in a new adaptation of the Huxley classic.

In the run-up to the movie, Fox's finest hit the road on a 10 city tour of the US. We catch up with the X-Files Expo in LA.

Leading man Jerry O'Connell slides from tv to the silver screen with Scream 2.

Babylon 5
Dissecting the dying series, actor Richard Biggs examines five years as Doctor Franklin.

Plus • Queen of the Borg • Deep Space Nine Deep RisingWishmaster • along with the regular comprehensive round-up of news and reviews

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