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Star Trek IX
With the latest big-screen Trek adventure about to enter production, we find out what the movie might bring from producer Rick Berman and production designer Herman Zimmerman.

Samuel L Jackson dives into his part as Dr Harry Adams in a film version of the Michael Crichton undersea epic.

Cutting through the conspiracy of secrecy to discover what's going on in the first X-Files movie. Aliens may be involved…

Début writer-director Andrew Niccol on his critically acclaimed vision of a sinister genetically-engineered future.

Babylon 5
Robin Atkin Downes speaks his mind about leading a group of rogue telepaths in Season Five of B5, while Mira Furlan talks diplomatically about life as Ambassador Delenn.

Stephen Gallagher on adapting and directing his terrifying novel for tv.

Plus Spawn animated, Scream 2 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, along with the regular comprehensive round-up of news and reviews.

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