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Shivers #96 • in-stock March 18 • UK £3.99/US $6.99
This issue: a Vampire Special. We look at three distinctly different aspects of the Undead...

Queen of the Damned: Aaliyah & Stuart TownsendQueen of the Damned
• Producer Jorge Saralegui and director Michael Rymer discuss Queen of the Damned, the second film based on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, and how it has been overshadowed by the tragic death of Aaliyah

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A cuddly toy, and AngelAngel
• 'Do we really need to see this onetime monster gurgling at his baby son and making coochy-coo noises?' A look at how fatherhood is changing life in Season 3 for Angel, Hollywood's hottest vampire...
• PLUS a Shivers poster of the cover featuring Angel

'80s popstar Luke Goss as Blade 2's leading Reaper NomakBlade 2
• Blade - Wesley Snipes' half-vampire, half-human hero - is back for more, and now directed by Guillermo Del Toro (Cronos, Devil's Backbone). This time, ferocious vampire mutations called Reapers plague LA!

• Two Directors interviewed:

Goran Visnjic as Doctor SleepDoctor Sleep
ER star Goran Visnjic stars in a new British film that deals with forbidden alchemy from the 16th century. We meet director Nick Willing (Photographing Fairies, TV's Jason and the Argonauts)...

David Cronenberg on Spider
• Concluding our exclusive talk with Horror's most consistently surprising director, who reveals more about his film with Miranda Richardson and Ralph Fiennes

• Behind the Scenes Extra:

Make-Up Artists' Trade Fair
• A report from London's International Make-Up Trade Show, the first held in Europe. Among the star guests: Dick Smith (The Exorcist), Chris Tucker (Elephant Man) Stuart Freeborn (2001) and Nick Dudman (Harry Potter). With exclusive pics of the monstrous exhibits!

Creature Features
• Make-up guru Stan Winston presents a series of films inspired by the 1950's AIP style, using state-of-the-art effects to bring the monsters alive. We meet actress Carla Gugino (Spy Kids, The One) who gives an insider's view on the making of The She-Creature

Dog Soldiers
• A pictorial preview of the best British Horror film for years - starring Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd, written and directed by newcomer Neil Marshall

Plus our regular sections:

  • News by Alan Jones
    Ryan Phillippe will star in the Exorcist prequel, plus the latest on Alien 5, Indy 4, Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy on film and a new Texas Chainsaw remake!
  • 9 pages of Horror Reviews including
    • Video / DVD reviews: We look into The Hole on DVD, the BFI's excellent restoration of FW Murnau's Nosferatu, Horror of Hammer, Tales of Frankenstein and Dario Argento's newest giallo, Sleepless
    • Book reviews: Two Horror novels on an Aztec theme - Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K Hamilton and Trauma by Graham Masterton
    • Film reviews: A successful slice of otherworldly weirdness in The Mothman Prophecies starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney
    • TV reviews The latest episodes of Buffy Season Six and Angel Season Three, plus British late entry Strange starring Richard Coyle and Ian Richardson
  • Opinion: "The tone is very different from the 'quickies' of the fifties - this is a period Gothic with a whiff of Lovecraft." Writer, critic and Horror scholar Kim Newman looks at Stan Winston's new Creature Features
  • The Pitt of Horror: Actress Ingrid Pitt looks back to more stories of crime and terror from the Victorian underworld and the ghastly tale of murderer Johnny Williams
  • The Fright of Your Life: Jonathan Rigby on a shocking moment from Cronenberg's Rabid

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