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Shivers #95 • ships from 25 Jan • UK £3.99/US $5.99
In this issue of Shivers (#95):

The X-Files: Elwes and Annabeth GishThe End of The X-Files
• "My determination is to go out with some very strong episodes" – as Chris Carter confirms Year 9 of The X-Files will be the last, we examine the reaction and talk to regulars Mitch Pileggi and Cary Elwes
• PLUS a Shivers poster of the cover featuring Pileggi, Gillian Anderson and Elwes

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Christina Ricci in The GatheringThe Gathering – feature online
• "Britain has a long tradition of scary movie-making but we seem to have lost the plot recently." Director Brian Gilbert on his atmospheric chiller set in a sinister English village, with Christina Ricci & Ioan Gruffudd

Spider director David CronenbergDavid Cronenberg on Spider
• "Spider seems transparently obvious, but (he) is profoundly complex..." Back with a UK-shot thriller, Cronenberg exclusively discusses stars Miranda Richardson & Ralph Fiennes, and his influences

Buffy and SpikeBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• 'There is more chance of a broken neck than a broken heart…' We examine the latest twists in the life of Buffy, including her recent - perhaps fatal? - attraction for that bottle-blond bloodsucker, Spike

Boy Meets Girl
• This disturbing British movie, featuring the systematic torture of a bigoted male by an impassive female, has now been passed for release by the BBFC. We look at its making and how the censorship climate has changed

Peter Straub
• "The Black House [review online] is not only pure Horror, but genuinely nasty stuff. Good people die in horrible ways, the villains are truly vile." One of the foremost Horror / Fantasy writers talks about his work and this collaborative novel with friend Stephen King

Plus our regular sections:

  • News by Alan Jones
    Wes Craven to turn American McGee's computer game Alice into CGI Horror? 1.5 new roles for Leo di Caprio in biopic of Freaks star Johnny Eck... and Clive Barker's Tortured Souls to get their own movie. Plus The Dead Zone on TV...
  • 11 pages of Horror Reviews including
    • Book reviews: Stephen Jones' Creepshows - A Stephen King Filmography, Tim Lebbon's The Nature of Balance, and Richard Laymon's posthumous No Sanctuary
    • Film reviews: This month, David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, Johnny Depp in From Hell and teens-in-peril (again!) in Soul Survivors
    • TV reviews Five episodes each from Buffy Season 6 and Angel Season 3 get the treatment
    • Video / DVD reviews: DVD heaven with uncut releases of Witchfinder General, The Sorcerers, Rabid and Shivers (hmm, good title) plus an in-depth look at an extras-stuffed City of the Dead with Christopher Lee
  • Opinion: Kim Newman examines the influences on new Jack the Ripper film From Hell, from Sherlock Holmes to Michael Caine!
  • The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt looks at recent films including The Holeand Vanilla Sky, and recalls her work with Nigel Hawthorne in Mike Figgis' weird TV movie The House
  • The Fright of Your Life: Jonathan Rigby selects a chilling scene from a favourite Horror movie. This month, the nerve-shattering climax of Henri-George Clouzot's Les Diaboliques

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