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selected from Shivers #94

Jason, Britney for Vampire Roles?
Jason Scott Lee: Count on him? Jason Scott Lee has scored the lead role in the next two video sequels to Dracula 2000. The first is Dracula: Resurrection that 2000 director Patrick Lussier is currently helming in Romania. Also, director Joel Schumacher will be executive producing The Lost Girls, a sequel to his 1987 Horror hit The Lost Boys rumoured to star pop diva Britney Spears. First however he will direct Church of the Dead. He explains that this film is "set in New England, in a town where three girls go missing. The film is really about people who grew up together turning on each other, all the paranoia and fear when the community is threatened."

Castle Rock has begun casting The Dreamcatcher, its latest Stephen King adaptation. The studio has also acquired the services of their Misery and Hearts in Atlantis writer William Goldman for the project that Lawrence (The Big Chill) Kasdan plans to produce and direct. The story concerns four kids who bond while performing a heroic act and then re-team to tackle a much larger adversary. Dubbed ‘Stand by Me meets Alien', The Dreamcatcher is one of King's biggest bestsellers and Castle Rock expect the film, that starts shooting in January, to be another acclaimed blockbuster in The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile tradition.

Dog Soldiers a monster success!
Dog SoldiersYou heard it here first! Dog Soldiers is the best British Horror film I've seen in years. I can't tell you how much I loved it. It's exciting, ultra-gory, funny, action packed and brilliantly played by Kevin McKidd. Start looking forward to this one…

Ghost Ship
Former ER cast member Julianna Marguiles will star as the female lead in Warner Bros' Ghost Ship (aka Chimera) for producers Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis' Dark Castle Entertainment. The project, directed by Steve Beck, is going into production in January. Gabriel (Spider) Byrne will play the male lead.

Margulies will play Maureen Epps, part of a group of boat salvagers who find a lost 1953 passenger ship floating aimlessly in the remote Bering Sea. After claiming the ship and attempting to tow it to land, mysterious things begin to happen aboard the derelict vessel. The actress will undergo massive physical training for the role much in the same way Linda Hamilton did for the Terminator movies.

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