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selected from Shivers #91

Harry's, he's here to help.Wes Craven’s Newsround
Wes Craven, the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream helmer will direct the English-language remake of the recent French hit Harry, He’s Here to Help. The blackly comic original, directed by Dominik Moll, starred Sergi Lopez, Laurent Lucas and Mathilde Seigner, and centred on a charming psychotic whose run-in with a former schoolmate leads to murder. Craven and his producer partner Marianna Maddalena have also just optioned Junk, a Sci-Fi family adventure that will be directed by special-effects guru Robert Kurtzman about a group of children who find a buried treasure in a junkyard.

Kurtzman, the K in the KNB Effects group, directed Wishmaster and recently supplied effects for John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars. Craven’s production company is also developing a remake of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Fountain Society based on Craven’s own novel, and a Gothic Alice in Wonderful, based on the video game American McGee’s Alice.

Marvel Cloak and DaggerMore Blade, more Marvel films like Blade
Cloak and Dagger, an obscure Marvel comic book about an odd couple of teen vigilantes, will become a live-action feature at Dimension Films. The series, which debuted in 1985, revolves around a pair of runaways. One’s a rich white girl, the other a streetwise black male. She’s able to project a terrifying, all-encompassing darkness, while he’s capable of generating a blinding bright light. They join forces to protect other kids on the streets from urban corruption.

“I compare Cloak and Dagger with Blade, in that they aren’t the most high-profile Marvel properties, but audiences will identify with them”, said Marvel Studios president Avi Arad, who will serve as a producer. “This will be an action-packed, exciting movie”. Cloak and Dagger went out of print but was fished from obscurity by producer Rick Alexander and writer David Tischman, who were fans of the material and got Arad excited about its movie potential. Dimension is also developing Ghost Rider with Blade director Steve Norrington, and plans to turn the Marvel comic Werewolf by Night into a live-action feature.

M Again
Rapper DMX will team up again with Exit Wounds producer Joel Silver for a remake of M, Austrian director Fritz Lang’s tale about the hunt for a child murderer. DMX and Silver previously collaborated on Romeo Must Die and are expected to begin production on M later this year. In the original 1931 film, Peter Lorre played an elusive killer whose murderous sprees disrupt the operations of organized crime, prompting the unusual action of criminals launching the search for their own. M was remade into an American version in 1951, but it is the original that is considered a classic in film circles. What part DMX will play is unknown but he is also lined up to star in The Crow: Lazarus.

Joel Silver will produce The Inferno, written by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, best known for creating TV series The Immortals. The story follows 12 brave but rather flawed men who descend through the recently uncovered gates of Hell to bring back a sacred key. The tale eventually will be released in comic book form via Top Cow, publisher of such comics as Witchblade

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