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In the 90th issue of Shivers...

Michelle Rodriguez in Resident EvilResident Evil Cover story!
• A first look at the eagerly awaited movie based on the blockbusting game series! Director Paul (Mortal Kombat) Anderson talks exclusively about zombie dogs and Alice in Wonderland! Plus our cover / Poster: Milla Jovovich stars as Alice

Brigitte and Ginger, who snapsGinger Snaps • Review here
• The horrors of adolescence are no easier when you're a werewolf! We meet Emily Perkins, director John Fawcett and more from the highly-acclaimed Canadian film about a female lycanthrope - the best werewolf movie for 20 years?

Have you seen this cadaver?Horror History Part One
• Do you know your Karloff from your Caligari? A Golem from a Ghoul? If you don't, then take a look at our guide to a century of Horrors, for fans and beginners alike. It's everything you ever wanted to know about Horror but were afraid to ask!

Rachel Grant, Sci-Fi Uk's horror hostess Voodoo Lady
• Lovely Rachel Grant, a former Miss GB finalist, is now Nina - the Sci-Fi (UK) channel's Horror hostess who's taking on the mantle of Elvira in their weekly Sci-Fright slot. We meet the model/actress who body-doubled for Angelina on Tomb Raider...

Forthcoming Horrors
• Will 2001 be the year of Horror? A look at some upcoming movies including vampire teen movie The Forsaken, Jeepers Creepers, the Jack the Ripper story From Hell and John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

The House on Nightmare Park
• Titter Ye Not! Frankie Howerd starred in this classic 1973 slice of British comic horror featuring an old dark house and a frightful family...

Psycho Beach Party
• Genre-bending Psychedelic Horror, mixing surfers, beach-babes and murder in one of the 21st Century's first cult favourites. Alan Jones talks to writer and drag artist Charles Busch

Phantom of the Paradise
Concluding our look at Brian de Palma's shock-rock opera - 25 years on! With exclusive poster artwork...

The Mummy Returns
Have we reached the nadir of the Horror genre? Surely after this things can only get better…

Plus our regular sections:

  • Eleven pages of Horror Reviews
    • Books: Night of the Triffids, RIP Richard Laymon, Muriel Gray's The Ancient and more
    • Video / DVDs: What Lies Beneath, Komodo, Season 2 Buffy and Twilight Zone discs
    • Films: Ginger Snaps, David Boreanaz in Valentine, and Series 7: The Contenders
    • TV Reviews: More recent episodes of Buffy and Angel...
  • News by Alan Jones
    Buffy changes sides, Ben Affleck for Duke Nukem, Hellish Nell, Halloween 8, French Cannibals and a new role for Sissy Spacek
  • Opinion: Kim Newman sounds forth on the current state of Horror, pointing the finger at the 30th Anniversary Edition of Night of the Living Dead and The Mummy Returns
  • In The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt, Hammer's own Countess Dracula brings you the latest from Horror fandom worldwide. This month includes Hammer news, and holidays in Transylvania? - only if you're a boiled cabbage freak!
  • The Fright of Your Life: Jonathan Rigby examines another classic scare from Horror film history. This month, luscious vampirism in Daughters of Darkness (Le Rouge aux Lèvres)

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All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2001. Not for reproduction.

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