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Buffy's Gingerbread demon, by Greg SolomonBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• Meet Greg Solomon, the Optic Nerve make-up artist responsible for Buffy's incredible creatures. Find out about 'borrowing' an X-Files reject, and the complexities of modern prosthetics. With stunning pictures of monsters from Buffy's Season 4. Plus our pull-out poster of the cover

La Noche del Terror Ciego posterAmando De Ossorio
• We remember this Spanish film maker, who died recently. He directed the famous Blind Dead films, beginning with La noche del terror ciego (aka 'Tombs of the Blind Dead') in 1972, featuring a band of zombified Templar Knights - a monster genre Spain can call entirely its own

Lee as Judge Jeffreys in El proceso de las brujas (1969)Christopher Lee
• To preview Christopher Lee: The Authorised Screen History (reviewed in this issue), we look at some more of the continental pictures which Lee made in the 1960s, including the fairy-tale inspired Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel

Hannibal, King Kong and moreDino De Laurentiis
• The irrepressible Italian film mogul - responsible for Barbarella, King Kong, Dune and many more, now honoured with the Irving Thalberg Memorial Award at the Oscars – discusses his current success with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal

Don’t Look Now
• Moving from Hannibal's Florence over to Venice, we revisit director Nic Roeg’s atmospheric tale of mystery and murder starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie

Alice Krige
• The charismatic actress familiar to genre fans as the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact, talks about her many Horror and Fantasy roles, including Institute Benjamenta with the Quay Brothers, The Little Vampire and Ghost Story

Devil Movies
• A look at the many and various appearances of the Devil in the movies, from the earliest days of cinema and Murnau’s Faust, through the chilling Rosemary’s Baby and the outrageous End of Days

Plus our regular sections:

  • Nine pages of Horror Reviews
    • Books: new novels from Masterson and Aycliffe, plus Jonathan Rigby's Christopher Lee: The Authorised Screen History
    • Video / DVDs: including Ultraviolet
    • Films: Hannibal considered, plus The Navidson Record
    • TV Reviews: More new season episodes of Buffy and Angel...
  • News by Alan Jones
    All the latest news from the Horror scene, including: Dreamworks buys The Ring, and Rowan Atkinson joins the cast of Scooby-Doo
  • Opinion: Kim Newman laments the decline of Cinefantastique, but is the genre itself to blame?
  • Horror on the Web: Jo Botting looks for websites on slasher movies and finds... Brad Dourif!
  • In The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt, Hammer’s Queen of Horror, enters the mysterious world of Uri Geller in darkest Teddington...
  • The Fright of Your Life: Jonathan Rigby examines a favourite fright scene from Horror film history. This month, Peter Cushing plays Russian Roulette in The Skull

Images taken from this issue are copyright: 20th Century Fox, Optic Nerve / Greg Solomon, UIP, Reynolds & Hearn, Contender video

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2001. Not for reproduction.

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