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The League of Gentlemen
• “We wanted to pull out the stops to make a really Christmassy Christmas special.” You saw them here first! TV Comedy’s darkest foursome present a seasonal Ghost story. We go on location to Victorian Royston Vasey with Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton
Plus: We’ll have no trouble here! It’s the League of Gentlemen Christmas poster, based on our cover

Irrefutable DemonsThe Irrefutable Truth About Demons
• Jacques Tourneur? Dennis Wheatley? Magic mushrooms? New Zealand director Glenn Standring on the influences behind his début feature and Sitges Festival hit, this improbably-named satanic shocker

Brian Yuzna's FaustFaust
• Brian Yuzna’s Spanish-based Fantasy Factory delivers its first new film. Giving the Mephistophelean tale a super-hero spin, it stars Andrew Divoff, popular star of the Wishmaster movies. Yuzna explains why this could be the start of something big

Horror 2000The Year in Horror
• As we move forward into 2001, we look back at the Horror successes and horrible failures of the year 2000, from the thrilling Final Destination to the disappointing Blair Witch 2, plus the new British TV Horror show Urban Gothic

Don Sharp's RasputinDon Sharp
• The director of Hammer’s Kiss of the Vampire and Rasputin the Mad Monk recalls his long association with the Horror genre, which also takes in The Face of Fu Manchu, and Witchcraft with Lon Chaney. Plus the truth about Psychomania

Sounds of Hammer
• Gary Wilson explains how he established the successful range of Hammer Horror soundtracks, which now include Quatermass and Frankenstein compilations

Plus our regular sections:

  • News by Alan Jones
    Five pages including Dust Devil director Richard Stanley rides again, more news from Sitges, Conan returns, Guy Pearce in The Time Machine, Resident Evil and another Battlefield Earth?
  • Reviews section
    • Books: include Lunatic Cafe, Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir, and See No Evil, a history of banned video and controversial film. Plus Ingrid Pitt’s new book on Murder, Torture and Depravity
    • Video / DVDs: include a new host of Horror DVDs including The Craft, Edward Scissorhands and Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange
    • Films: include Little Nicky, Urban Legends: Final Cut and the new director’s cut of The Exorcist
    • TV Reviews: New season episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel
    • Horror on the Web: Josephine Botting looks at the vexed question of censorship from two perspectives
  • Opinion: Kim Newman looks at some interesting non-Horror films from this year which Horror junkies might have missed
  • In The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt enjoys a touch of time-travel at a Victorian fancy dress party in Richmond, and a meets Hollywood star Michael Douglas
  • The Fright of Your Life: : a regular final page examining a favourite fright from the archives. This issue, Henry Hull dabbles in forbidden knowledge as the fearsome Werewolf of London

Images taken from this issue are copyright: Jan Vincent-Rudzki, Fantastic Factory / Filmax S.A., Hammer films, Castle Rock / New Line

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2000. Not for reproduction.

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