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Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz: tasting the Vanilla SkyOpen Your Eyes... for Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky is the title being given to the American remake of Alejandro Amenabar’s 1997 Spanish blockbuster Open Your Eyes/Abre Los Ojos. Cameron Crowe, currently getting rave reviews for Almost Famous, will direct the Science Fiction Horror Fantasy starring (producer) Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Those of you who saw the fabulous original will know the complex story deals in virtual reality, romance and revenge with a Matrix-like twist at the end – although to be fair it did what you saw in that Keanu Reeves hit first. Those of you who didn’t see Amenabar’s follow-up to Thesis are better off not knowing too much about the plot. The remake project has long been a passion for Cruise. His company C/W Productions bought the film’s English-language remake rights in 1998.

Amenabar, currently filming his English-language début - Horror Fantasy The Others for Miramax starring Cruise’s wife Nicole Kidman - recently told me, “It took me ages to really believe that Tom had bought the remake rights. Then I saw the contract and the money and when I was in London he called and asked if we could meet up. He was very nice and enthusiastic and offered me the directing job if I wanted it. But although I appreciated the gesture, I declined as I really don’t want to make the same film twice... ”

Bale's On Fire
Christian Bale in American PsychoChristian (American Psycho) Bale will star in Spyglass Entertainment’s Fantasy action film Reign of Fire for the Disney-based production company and director Rob Bowman, who helmed the big-screen version of The X-Files. The film is a Mad Max-like tale set in England involving a brood of fire-breathing dragons that emerges from the earth and begins setting fire to everything, establishing global dominance.

Bale will play the role of a young Brit whose mother is killed by the dragons. After the dragons have taken over, Bale’s character becomes a ‘fire chief’, the leader of a small clan of survivors. Shooting begins February in the United Kingdom.

13 Ghosts
After The House on Haunted Hill comes 13 Ghosts. Shannon Elizabeth, star of American Pie, will top line producers Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis’ remake of William Castle’s 1960 Horror classic 13 Ghosts for Warner Bros and Columbia Pictures. First-time helmer Steve Beck will direct and Tony Shalhoub, F Murray Abraham and rapper Rah Digga are also in the cast. Written by Todd Alcott and Neal Steven, the new 13 Ghosts follows a family – headed by Shalhoub’s character and his daughter Elizabeth – that has inherited an eerie mansion from a deceased relative. Along with the house comes a slew of ghosts that can be seen only through special goggles. The updated version of Castle’s film will reportedly not be a campy romp but ‘scary as hell’.

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