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Jennifer Lopez in serial dangerThe Cell
• "I wanted to add an operatic quality to what I saw as a dead genre." Award-winning commercials director Tarsem Singh talks in-depth on how he added grace and grandeur to mindbending effect in this #1 US film, starring Jennifer Lopez.
Plus: our pull-out poster version of the cover art

Emilie Dequenne in Brotherhood of the WolfBrotherhood of the Wolf
Director Christophe Gans looks back at his career and forward to this new adventure Horror film, which examines the Eighteenth century legend of the Beast of Gevaudin - a monstrous wolf that terrorized the French countryside. • Part 1 of 2

Harrison Ford on What Lies Beneath
• "It has been my business, my professional goal, to upset people's expectations of me from time to time." We speak to Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford who takes a break from conventionally heroic roles to star with Michelle Pfeiffer in Robert Zemeckis's new ghost story (See also Zemeckis interview in Shivers #81)

Kim Basinger in Bless The ChildBless the Child
• Chuck Russell, director of The Blob, Eraser and Nightmare on Elm Street 3 talks about his new venture into Horror where Kim Basinger stars as the mother of a child who may be the only hope for the salvation of mankind…

Tigon - From Doomwatch to Haunted House of HorrorTigon Terrors
• We conclude our look at Tigon Films, the British company that took on Hammer at their own game, bringing to the screen such popular Horror successes as Doomwatch, Blood on Satan's Claw, and The Beast in The Cellar

"I wanted it to be like a painting by Hieronymous Bosch, a catherine wheel of ideas going off in all directions." We examine the troubled history of Clive Barker's second film as director and how the original script was altered by a studio that patently did not understand his vision - 'A hymn to the monstrous'. • Part 2 of 2

Plus our regular sections:

  • News by Alan Jones
    Ian Holm replaces Nigel Hawthorne in the Jack the Ripper film From Hell; Danish Producer Michael Obel repeats his Nightwatch success with Nazi zombies in Beyond, while Pixar deliver Monsters Inc.
  • Reviews selections
    • Books: Richard Laymon's The Travelling Vampire Show, plus more
    • Video / DVDs: More DVDs including: Gargoyles and The Exterminator, plus more
    • Films: Hollow Man, X Men, What Lies Beneath and Ring 0: Birthday
    • TV: In-depth reviews of more Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes
  • Opinion: Kim Newman lends an ear to Orson Welles' Mercury Theater radio production of Dracula, and wonders what a film adaptation would have been like…
  • In The Pitt of Horror: Hammer's Queen of Horror investigates the world of levitation, meets young Horror star Justin Ellis and salutes Horror fan extraordinaire Forry Ackerman, 82 years and still going strong
  • The Fright of Your Life: A thrilling and chilling moment from a favourite horror film, examined in detail. This month the horrific inferno from the prologue of Michael Curtiz's two-strip tecnicolor masterpiece Mystery of the Wax Museum

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