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selected from Shivers #82

Shocks from NightwatchBeyond Again
Danish producer Michael Obel, responsible for the great Nightwatch and its less interesting American remake, has just finished off his latest Horror Fantasy. Directed by Swedish-born Ake Sandgren, Dykkerene/Beyond is being described as Raiders of the Lost Ark meets The Abyss and tells the story of two young boys who discover a shipwrecked Nazi U-Boat when they go scuba-diving off the coast of Denmark. But rather than contain sunken treasure, something far more sinister lurks inside the rusty sub.

For the boys unleash the forces of a 60-year-old experiment in which Nazi doctors had used children to try to discover the secret of eternal life and their trapped souls are looking for redemption. Robert Hansen and Ralf J Hollander star as the boys Christian and Ask who must battle an evil group of neo-Nazis wanting to continue the research. Director Sandgren said “I did not want to make a film where unlucky spirits are just ghosts or the Nazis just wicked men. The boys must be thinking persons in a story that shakes them existentially.” The taut adventure Horror is currently on release in Scandinavia.

Aliens star Bill Paxton will make his feature directorial début with the psychological Horror-thriller Frailty.

Bill Paxton, director-to-beMatthew McConaughey, Paxton’s co-star in U-571, will headline the film based on Brent Hanley’s script. Described as Seven meets The Shining, Frailty is the tale of a single father of two boys in rural Texas who may or may not be able to identify demons. As the father embarks on a mission to eradicate evil people, one son sees him as a hero, while the other sees him as a killer. David Kirschner Productions (Bride of Chucky, The Pagemaster and Titan AE) are financing the movie.

The Haunted House of Horror
Universal is developing a house-of-horror thriller with the goal of releasing the movie around Halloween 2001. The untitled project concerns a group of people who play solve-the-crime party games at the site of a famous brutal murder until one of the players winds up dead. The search for a killer then continues with very real results.

The film will be produced by Jon Berg and Damien Saccani who see the storyline as spoofing the current wave of reality programming on TV with elements that can be repeated in sequel projects. “We see this as a real fun popcorn-type film that can become a franchise for Universal,” said Berg, “We’ve seen how New Line, Artisan and Miramax have used Horror to establish themselves, so doing something like this has been a real priority for us.”

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