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"I think we are all a little monstrous when we dream..." Clive Barker. Ten years on, we look back at Barker’s film (taken from his novel Cabal), in which he takes us to the fabulous realm of Midian – where the monsters hold sway. • Part 1 of 2 Plus: the magnificent monsters of Midian, on our pull-out poster version of the cover

Raoul Bova in Knights of the QuestPupi Avati exclusive
• More from the acclaimed Italian maestro of Horror and Fantasy. The director of The Arcane Enchanter spoke to Shivers' Alan Jones on the set of his Shroud-hunting new film Knights of the Quest, starring Raoul Bova • Part 2 of 2

Michelle Pfeiffer in What Lies BeneathWhat Lies Beneath
• Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis and producer Jack Rapke talk about making their terrifying new supernatural hit - with the latest technology, but also a clear nod to Hitchcock - starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford

Patty Mullen in FrankenhookerFrankenhooker
• Newly-released on DVD, this sexy spoof from Basket Case director Frank Henenlotter presented a sultry female Frankenstein’s monster (played by Patty Mullen) in ‘a terrifying tale of sluts and bolts’. Another 1990 film revisited...

Vincent Price in Witchfinder GeneralTigon Terrors
• Tigon Films, headed by Tony Tenser, produced some acclaimed and influential British Horror. This month we examine the creation of The Sorcerers starring Boris Karloff and Vincent Price's chilling Matthew Hopkins in Witchfinder General

London Fright Fest 2000
Ed Gein, Pitch Black, Scary Movie and Cut are all among the fabulous and frightening films on show at the Prince Charles cinema at the end of August in the biggest London Horror film festival for six years!

The Thirteenth Sign
• We meet film-maker Adam Mason, co-director of a new independent British feature The Thirteenth Sign, one of the Fright Fest movies

Plus our regular sections:

  • News by Alan Jones
    Kurt Russell's Snake escapes to television, the Scorpion King that's set to precede The Mummy, and Christopher Lee's thoughts on joining Star Wars. Plus much more in print
  • Reviews selections
    • Books: Christopher Fowler's Calabash, plus two more small press editions reviewed in print
    • Video / DVDs: More DVDs including: The Bone Collector and End of Days, plus Return to Oz, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Jaws, Gods and Monsters...
    • Films: Space-bound Horror in Pitch Black
    • TV: In-depth reviews of more Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes
  • Opinion: Kim Newman discovers that there are occasional genre gems to be found hiding in the TV schedules in the middle of the night
  • In The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt is back after her tour of Romania, with more news from the world of Horror and Fantasy!
  • The Fright of Your Life: In our regular feature we seize a thrilling and chilling moment from a favourite horror film and examine it in detail. This month, Mia Farrow faces the ultimate terror in Full Circle

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