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selected from Shivers #80

Terminator is Go
After a decade, The Terminator is back. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed to reprise his role as the cyborg in Terminator 3 scheduled for a spring 2001 start in Los Angeles for a summer 2002 release. Sources close to James Cameron, the writer/director of the first two films, said he’s been talking with Schwarzenegger about returning to the fold for a while now.

Edward Furlong, not in Terminator styleEdward Furlong will also reprise his role as he exclusively revealed on the set of the Pupi Avati-directed Gothic Fantasy adventure Knights of the Quest (Alan Jones reports from the location shoot in Italy, and interviews director Pupi Avati in this issue - Web Ed.). The affable Furlong said, “I brought the Terminator 3 script with me to read on location. I don’t think the core story (written by Tank Girl’s Tedi Safarian) is actually all there yet but it has promise and I’m definitely on board.” With a salary of $1 million for his participation, Furlong would actually be a fool to turn the opportunity down.

The Witches of Eastwick - first preview report
Horror film transfers to the Broadway and West End stages have invariably met with mixed responses because the mediums are so different and audience expectation will often not accept the necessary downsizing. So it is with relief I can report that The Witches of Eastwick, now at the Theatre Royal in London’s Drury Lane, is both musical and spectacular as promised by the advertisements.

The show is based on the novel by John Updike and the 1987 Warner Bros picture, about three frustrated women conjuring up the Devil and using black magic to shock their strait-laced Rhode Island community. Divas Lucie Arnaz, Maria Friedman and Joanna Riding take on the roles made famous by Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon, and Ian McShane does his best Jack Nicholson impersonation as their devil-may-care lust object, Darryl Van Horn.

Brilliantly directed by Eric Schaeffer, the show thankfully doesn’t water down the sexual innuendo to please the ageing coach party brigade and in three superb moments actually recreates the film’s major special effects sequences in all their marvellous glory. These you should witness for yourself, but the reason why the show will become a talking point is due to the first act finale.

In the film the female trio danced in the air above Darryl’s luxury swimming pool. In the show, the women float off a plush velvet sofa and launch themselves into the auditorium above the audience and eventually reach the upper balcony. It’s one of the most thrilling theatrical coups I’ve ever witnessed and will ensure a long run for this unique home-grown entertainment. Make sure you sit in the Dress Circle for the maximum visual impact.

Christian Bale has landed the lead in Librium, a futuristic thriller about a fascist world in which emotions are forbidden. Bale plays a law-enforcement agent who rebels against the system. Emily Watson and Taye Diggs will star opposite Bale in the film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer who helmed The Thomas Crown Affair remake...

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