Shivers magazine

Shivers Editor David Miller was recently interviewed by Matt Cain for London Weekend Television’s Friday night arts and entertainment show Night Life.

  Matt Cain, David Miller and Martin Clarke in Shivers' secret underground lair
  Selected from Shivers #78
  • They discussed the roots of the horror story in religion, fairy tales and romantic literature, as well as looking at the current revival in the horror genre in the wake of Buffy, Blair Witch and the Scream films, attempting to define exactly why we are so keen to be scared out of our wits.
  • The interview also featured Visual Imagination’s Advertising Manager Martin Clarke, another horror aficionado, who explained the attraction of the horrific to clubs and gaming societies all over the world.
  • The interview was featured in the episode of Night Life broadcast on 26th May 2000 at 11.30.