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selected from Shivers #78

Bloody Valentine
Jamie Blanks: creating a ValentineUrban Legend director Jamie Blanks will helm Valentine, a romantic Horror picture that Warner Bros will release on February 14, 2001. Based on Tom Savage’s 1996 book Valentine: A Novel, the story concerns a one-time college nerd humiliated by a group of women who then seeks revenge on each of his former sweethearts after he becomes handsome and successful.

Valentine was written by Donna and Wayne Power and finessed by Aaron Harbets and Gretchen Berg, executive story editors of Beverly Hills 90210. Kevin McCormack is the producer. Stop Press: David Boreanaz, star of Angel, has been announced as the revenging former nerd. (Nerd, Boreanaz? Hmm... Web Ed)

Wes Vs. Neve

Neve Campbell: will she ever Scream again?Wes Craven and Neve Campbell are giving out decidedly mixed signals over the possibility of a fourth Scream movie.

At the London premiere of Scream 3 Neve remained adamant that the third part of the Scream franchise will be the last one ever. She said, “It’s called a trilogy so how could there be a fourth? None of us want to dig this into the ground. We want to go out with a bang. We don’t want to get bored and we don’t want the audience to get bored.”

But director Craven contradicted his lead actress and confirmed that he’d love to carry the idea on. Craven said, “Maybe in three or four years we’ll come back and do another one. If someone brings me a fabulous script I’ll certainly consider it.”

Dracula AD2000
Christopher Plummer, last seen on screen in The Insider, will star as London antiques dealer Abraham Van Helsing in Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000 for Miramax’s Dimension Films banner. It will go before cameras later this year. Patrick Lussier, editor of Craven’s Scream trilogy and Halloween H20, will direct. Craven himself will serve as a producer. Dracula 2000 is a modern retelling of the Bram Stoker classic. Plummer’s character must travel to America to find his daughter Mary and save her from his long-time nemesis, Dracula, the definitive fanged prince of darkness. It was written by Joel (Phantoms) Soisson who will also produce.

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