issue 77 ships from 3 May 2000 UK £3.99 / US $7.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

80-page Bumper Edition, with a Buffy Bonanza!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Five new interviews full of special insights into the myth and making of the series and its spin-off, Angel

  • David Boreanaz  Sue Schneider, Moonglow PhotosDavid Boreanaz – The handsome star of Angel on leaving Sunnydale and the progress of his own show
  • Joss Whedon – The creator of Buffy and Angel discusses producing both series (Part 1 in Shivers #76)
  • Anthony Stewart Head – The witty English actor who plays Rupert Giles talks about his role in Season 4, and being transformed into a demon!
  • Harry Groener – We talk to the actor who won acclaim playing the wicked mayor of Sunnydale
  • Christopher Golden – Meet the author behind a series of successful tie-ins and novelisations based on the series

Plus reviews of more recent episodes of Buffy from Season 4 and Angel from Season 1

Nicholas Brendon: some candy talkingPiñata
Buffy's Xander, Nicholas Brendon features with Jaime Pressly in this new tequila-fuelled Teen Horror. We speak to the Hillenbrand brothers, the directors bringing an ancient terror back to life during a college treasure hunt on an isolated island

Now approaching: Final DestinationFinal Destination
• Devon Sawa (Idle Hands) and Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek) star in this dramatic story of a group of young people who seem to escape death in a plane crash. We meet writer Jeffrey Reddick, who takes the young crew to hell and back

Spanish Horror
• A beginner's guide to the little-known world of Spanish horror cinema's golden age, featuring the work of Jesús Franco and Paul Naschy, plus a collection of Spanish release posters. Dr Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo, anyone?

Urban Gothic
"Horror is the new punk rock!" Writer Tom de Ville discusses the terrifying new British TV series set in the dark heart of London, which looks set to break the mould. With exclusive on-set pictures from forthcoming episode Dead Meat

The Others
• For this new NBC primetime series about a group of people with paranormal skills, we meet series producer and pilot director Mick Garris, who previously helmed The Stand and The Shining

The Video Cabinet of Dr Caligari
• A humorous look at some forgotten gems from the bottom of the video cabinet, including Playgirls and The Vampire, Mausoleum and Sewage Baby

A look at one of the most beloved Horror video labels, with a gallery of stunning cover artwork

Plus our regular sections:

  • News The line-up for the resurrected Shock around the Clock Horror Festival, heading for London in August, and the new films from John Carpenter, and The Sixth Sense's M Night Shyalaman
  • Opinion Kim Newman remembers the late and sadly unlamented actress Zoe Tamerlane
  • Reviews selections
    • Book Reviews: including Graham Masterton's The Snowman, plus news of Shivers editor David Miller's new book on Peter Cushing
    • Video / DVD Reviews: including Crash and John Carpenter's Vampires
    • TV Reviews: include episodes from Angel, Buffy and several X-Files
  • The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt discusses two new Horror-related books including the new biography of Roy Ward Baker, plus pictures of her appearance in Urban Gothic
  • The Fright of Your Life: There's an alien killer abroad and it's hiding inside the victim's body! A look back to the genre crossing Sci-Fi Horror movie The Hidden

Images taken from this issue are copyright: Sue Schneider / Moonglow Photos, New Line, Hill & Brand Productions, Entertainment Films, Reynolds & Hearn, Columbia Tristar Video, Severn House

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2000. Not for reproduction.

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