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selected from Shivers #77

John Carpenter, dressed for the Red PlanetJohn Carpenter's Ghost of Mars
John Carpenter has revealed his casting wish list for his next Columbia picture Ghost of Mars. It seems Courtney Love is the likely candidate for the role of a butt-kicking leader of a expedition to Mars and Whoopi Goldberg is a possible science officer. The duo go to the planet to hunt down a guy alleged to have killed his fellow colonists in atrocities actually committed by colonists possessed by the homicidal ghost of an ancient Mars civilization. The framed guy helps the team get the real Martian culprits...

Carpenter also wants Jason Statham for the male lead. He starred in the Guy Ritchie-directed Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and has just wrapped Madonna’s boyfriend’s follow-up Diamonds (aka Snatch) with Brad Pitt.

Del Toro to direct Blade 2

Wesley Snipes: he'll be back in Blade 2Mimic and Cronos man Guillermo del Toro will direct Blade 2: Blood Hunt, the sequel to the hit 1998 Horror film. The film will start shooting in September for a potential summer 2001 release. Wesley Snipes is ready to reprise the title role, and Kris Kristofferson will come back as his mentor - a neat feat given that he seemed convincingly dead in the original. Based on the Marvel Comics hero who’s part man and part vampire, Blade hunts down the bloodsuckers as they try to liquidate the human race. David Goyer, who scripted the Stephen Norrington-directed original, has written the sequel to the stylish surprise hit for New Line Cinema.

Del Toro still has three other Horrors waiting in the wings; the anthology movie Really Scary with co-directors John Landis and Joe Dante, Hellboy for Universal and an adaptation of the Japanese cult comic Domu for Disney.

Shock around the Clock Again
Shock Around the Clock 2000 will take place at the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square over the Bank Holiday Weekend of August 25-28. The Festival will kick off with the World Première of Gein (formerly The Ed Gein Story) directed by Chuck Parello starring Steven Railsback and Carrie Snodgrass. Other confirmed previews include Cut, the Australian Scream, and Asia Argento’s Scarlet Diva. If she can find a gap in her busy schedule, Asia will be over to present her directorial début live on stage.

Other films are in the early planning stages at the moment and will be added in the next few months. You’ll receive information about the Festival if you e-mail the address at the end of this bulletin. I can tell you that the Prince Charles has 500 seats. Two hundred in the balcony will be available for season ticket reservations and the remaining three hundred will be sold at each performance only. We have so many surprises and events planned that you really will have to book or arrive early to ensure a seat. So you have been warned. The e-mail address is [email protected]

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