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Jason X
We speak to producer Sean Cunningham about the long-awaited tenth installment in the Friday the Thirteenth saga, as Jason is projected into Outer Space! Plus our poster version of the cover art, as we anticipate the return of the monstrous, knife-wielding killer. Selected excerpts here

The Green MileThe Green Mile
• Director Frank Darabont and his cast, led by Tom Hanks, on the making of this block-busting, multi-Oscar-nominated drama with a supernatural twist. Based on Stephen King's serial novel, does it rival his Shawshank Redemption?

The HungerThe Hunger
• "Everyone is wishing, longing, hungering for something…" Executive Producer and creator of The Hunger , Jeff Fazio explains some of the secrets behind his sexy, popular and chilling series, with outstanding talent on both sides of the camera

Scott Bakula and Famke Janssen in Lord of IlusionsLord of Illusions
• Clive Barker's last film to date as director was a mixture of film noir and Horror, starring Scott Bakula, Famke Janssen and Kevin J O'Conor. We revisit the 1995 production to assess how Barker's washed-up detective Harry D'Amour fared on-screen

FrankensteinsA Festival of Frankensteins
• Away from the famous bolt-necked being played by Boris Karloff in the 1931 film of Frankenstein, we look at some of the other memorable interpretations of Mary Shelley's artificial man, including those from the Nineteenth century

Hammer Lives!
• At the beginning of February 2000, Hammer Films were officially 'under new management' - as a powerful new team took over. We investigate…

Prints of Darkness
• Classic Horror Authors; Eight famous Horror authors, from ETA Hoffmann to HP Lovecraft, via Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker are given a stylish make-over in another of our popular galleries

Plus our regular sections:

  • News Alan Jones' famous Horror news is collected from across the globe. This issue: Tim Burton on Vincent Price's last interview, plus more on the Blair Witch sequel. Also, the Gods and Monsters team to adapt Clive Barker's celebrated Horror short stories The Books of Blood
  • Opinion Kim Newman offers a suggestion for the most influential five minutes of Horror in the Nineties and finds them in Se7en
  • Reviews selections
    • Book Reviews: include Children of the Night
    • TV Reviews: include episodes from the newest US season of Buffy and Angel
    • Film Reviews: include House on Haunted Hill
    • Video / DVD Reviews: include Cube
  • The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt waxes lyrical on Kenneth Branagh, Alex Cox, and five precious things...
  • The Fright of Your Life: After laying dormant for 10 years, the drug starts to take effect... with devastating consequences, in Jeff Lieberman's Blue Sunshine

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