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Conversations with Vincent
Now Sleepy Hollow is well and truly behind him, director Tim Burton tells me he’s going to take a well-earned rest before deciding what to do next.

Boris and... JeremyBut something he must tackle before starting a new feature (probably The Man with the X-Ray Eyes remake) is finally finishing off his long-stalled documentary on the late, great Horror legend, and star of Edward Scissorhands, Vincent Price.

He said “It’s called Conversations with Vincent and is basically us chatting informally about his career. Actually, it’s more him talking, and me nodding my head in adoration! He was in a melancholy mood when we filmed it because his wife, actress Coral Browne, had only just died, and he didn’t survive for very much longer himself. The problem has been acquiring the rights to the film clips and that difficulty led me to shelve it. “But I must look at it again and reassess what I can do because it’s the last footage ever of Vincent Price and I know that his fans would love to see it.”

Blair Witch Franchise
Makers of the runaway hit chiller The Blair Witch Project want to scare up more box office gold by turning their low-budget independent film into a franchise. Hollywood producer-distributor Artisan Entertainment and the amateur film-makers behind the Horror phenomenon are planning a sequel and a prequel to the mock documentary about three film students who vanish in a Maryland forest.

Blair Witch 2 will be produced as a sequel directed by award-winning documentary film-maker Joe Berlinger, whose credits include Brother’s Keeper and Outrageous Taxi Stories. Berlinger won the assignment after a development process which was basically a combination of several commissioned scripts, out of which Artisan and the film’s producers picked the one they liked best. Production will begin this month with a planned release around Hallowe’en.

Blair Witch 3 will be developed as a prequel written, produced and directed by the original Blair Witch team of Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick. It will begin shooting next winter for a summer 2001 release. Both instalments will be made for less than $10 million, a modest sum by Hollywood standards but far more than the $40,000 it cost to make the original picture. “In keeping with the franchise, we’ll keep that sense of reality and add a little more meat to the bone,’’ said Artisan President Amir Malin.

More Gods, More Monsters
After their success with Gods and Monsters, director Bill Condon and executive producer Clive Barker will once again team up for an anthology movie based on three of Barker’s short stories. The film will be titled Books of Blood, after the short story collections that launched Barker’s illustrious career, and the three stories to be used are Pig Blood Blues, Human Remains and Dread. Each will be helmed by a different director, one of whom is Christopher Landon, a contributing journalist to the gay magazine The Advocate and who recently wrote an article in that magazine on Barker.

Condon will write and direct the wrap-around segments and be supervising the entire production with Barker. Barker’s own next solo directing assignment looks likely to be American Horror for New Line Cinema but he has two more books to deliver before he begins work on that – one a new Books of Blood collection. Barker also has a movie deal with Universal Pictures to develop three different Edgar Allan Poe tales in the vein of his short story The New Murders in the Rue Morgue.

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