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selected from Shivers #72

Do The Time Warp Again
It's just a pic to the right... Dr Frank N Furter rides againRichard O’Brien, who wrote and composed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, has finally written a sequel to his beloved cult musical Fantasy. O’Brien, who plays a small part in next Summer’s Dungeons and Dragons, says he expects to complete the new script by March and that he has already written six new songs for it, including one titled ‘Bitching in the Kitchen’. The story is set nine months after the end of the original Rocky and opens with the heroine, Janet, pregnant by either Dr Frank N Furter, Frank’s creation, Rocky, or Janet’s boy friend Brad. Eventually Dr Furter is revealed to be the father. “There’s a lot of good stuff to be wrung out of having a dysfunctional father like him,” remarked O’Brien. “He’s not going to have a conservative upbringing.” O’Brien also wrote what he now calls a Rocky ‘spin-off’, Shock Treatment, which flopped when it was released in 1981. That fun film also included a musical number called ‘Bitchin’ in the Kitchen’.

Johnny Domino
Claire (Meet Joe Black) Forlani and Jonathan (Titus) Rhys Meyers will star in the low-budget vampire picture Johnny Domino for young Irish director Enda Hughes. The supernatural love story is set in an isolated fishing village in which musician Rhys Meyers becomes a local phenomenon after being bitten by a vampire. Then he falls in love with Forlani’s undead character and together they fight the real villain of the piece, the village’s evil preacher. In a blood-sucking twist on Romeo and Juliet, they eventually pact to end their eternal lives.

Scream 3 latest
It won’t be released until February in America, but production has just finished on Scream 3. The sequel again stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Liev Shreiber and Courtney Cox with lots of secret cameos from people like Carrie Fisher. Indie Queen Parker Posey and Kelly Rutherford from Melrose Place join the full Scream ahead cast. The complicated plot centres around making Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro.

Stab 2 is in theatres as Scream 3 opens and is being promoted with the tagline ‘Even True Stories Have Sequels’. Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) plays the role of Sidney Prescott in Stab 2, and the final showdown with the killer this time takes place on the sets for Stab 3 which are replicas of the houses used in Scream. It seems director Wes Craven (and don’t bother seeing his non-Horror film Music of the Heart, because it’s boring) is determined to tie us up in knots with the Scream 3 plot line. But he has admitted to being disappointed by the decision to push the movie back into 2000 because he wanted 1999 to mark the date of his last genre picture.

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