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Inside our 80 fright-packed pages for Halloween

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Status report on both the new seasons starting in the USA. Also Robia La Morte (who played the ill-starred Miss Jenny Calendar) interviewed, plus five episodes new to the UK in Halloween month reviewed
Competition: Win the Season One Buffy Video box set! (UK readers only - sorry. Closing date 30 Nov 99). See magazine for details

Autumnal fear from the Blair Witch teamThe Blair Witch Project
• concluding our directors' interview with the low-budget terror's creators Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, who says: "The house in the movie scares me – I can't go there by myself..." (Part 1 in Shivers #70)

Clive Barker
• We caught up with the master fantasist on a fascinating recent lecture tour

Branching out in Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow
• Our first preview of the new film from director Tim Burton which promises to give a Hammer flavour to Irving's classic ghost story, making a dark, quirky treat for all Gothic Horror fans

• Scribe Tom Lazarus discusses the spiritual journey that came with writing the #1 film Stigmata

Mummy sends hugs. Abbott & Costello Meet... Abbott & Costello
• We investigate the famous cinema comedy double act who took on a whole host of Universal movie monsters, from Frankenstein to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Invisible Man... and the Mummy!

Sheila Keith
The veteran star of Peter Walker's post-Hammer horrors such as Frightmare gives her first genre interview for more than 20 years

The Haunting
Old and new films of the classic tale The Haunting of Hill House compared. One is found wanting...

Les Yeux Sans Visage
Fairy tale influences on this classic French Horror film (Eyes Without a Face) examined

Little Evil Things
We meet the creators of an audio Horror experience!

Plus our regular sections:
  • News – a whole host of Blair Witch spoofs, and the return of the Halloween franchise!
  • Poster: The grinning face of the Jack o’Lantern bids you a Happy Hallowe’en!
  • Ten pages of Reviews, plus more sites in Horror on the Web. On-line review selections are Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis and a mid-Season Three episode of Buffy on Sky.
  • The Pitt of Horror: Ingrid Pitt asks: why is there no Hammer film in the BFI’s Top 100 British Films? Plus we meet the director of Green Fingers, the new Horror short starring Ingrid!
  • Writer and broadcaster Kim Newman discusses Stanley Kubrick’s last masterpiece in Opinion
  • The Fright of Your Life: Vincent Price dissolves over Basil Rathbone in Corman’s Tales of Terror
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