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selected from Shivers #71

Blair Witch Spoofs
Trimark Pictures has snatched up the rights to several spoofs of the hit The Blair Witch Project, all offering varied themes on getting lost while searching for something mysterious. The parodies – including The Blonde Witch Project, The Griffith Witch Project, The Watt’s Bitch Project and The Big Foot Project – are all set to première on the studio’s Netcasting site CinemaNow.

Blair Witch: getting lost amongst the spoofs?For example, The Griffith Witch Project is about one girl’s hunt for a celebrity ghost that is spooking Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. Said CinemaNow senior Vice President Bruce Eisen, “We also believe that this will provide a wide avenue of opportunity for young filmmakers, and we are actively seeking out other spoofs in the marketplace.” That’s a good sign for those other spoof titles currently piling up on agents’ desks including The Blair Princess Project, The Blair Hype Project, The Beverly Sale Project, and The Blair Fish Project. I swear these titles are real, honest.

• See our interview with Blair Witch Project creators / directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez in this issue and Shivers #70! (And here's another spoof: the Blair Clown Project – Web Ed.)

Halloween Lives
After the box-office success of H20, you didn’t really expect John Carpenter’s baby-sitter franchise to come to a full stop, did you? My friends over at Dimension Pictures tell me that the next Halloween sequel is currently being written and will start shooting in time for release next Summer. The provisional title is H2K: Evil Never Dies and, because Michael Myers finally died at the end of H20, a new knife-wielding maniac is being created to scare us in the early part of the millennium... It looks like it’s back to the familiar Haddonfield Horror route once more for Halloween 2K. (If that’s what they’re calling it. What would you call it?)

Dawson's Creek with Fur
With supernatural and Horror fare scaring up the strongest box-office for years, it’s no surprise that movie and TV executives are poring over fright classics for remake potential. Seven Arts has just signed Anthony Hickox to direct a $25 million feature remake of the classic Fifties frightener I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

Hickox is a veteran Horror guy whose credits include Hellraiser 3, the two Waxworks pictures and more recently Prince Valiant. Seven Arts, which has a first-look deal with Paramount, has the financing already in place and envisions a teen picture as sober as Dawson’s Creek, with the added hormonal teen dilemma of the protagonist growing (more) hair and sharp teeth. Michael Landon was the wolf boy in the 1957 original but there is as yet no word on which teenage heart-throb will follow in his padded footsteps.

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