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The Blair deviceThe Blair Witch Project
"Our theory was that if it was real for the audience, from beginning to end, then we would scare them…" Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, directors of the newest Horror phenomenon, discuss devising this remarkable and chilling film, putting their three young actors almost literally through hell…

Patricia Arquette in the US #1 film StigmataStigmata
• The horrifying experiences of a young woman (Patricia Arquette) who develops Christ-like wounds. Director Rupert Wainwright on his chilling spiritual thriller hit "It's all the things a genre movie should be, but goes way beyond that..."

Mayhem in Peter Jackson's Braindead Braindead
• "Your Mother ate my dog!" A look back at this cult favourite, the third film from New Zealand director Peter Jackson, which combines traditional zombie carnage with a satire on the morals of the 1950s. More...

• Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man presides over our look at the four Phantasm films from director Don Coscarelli, including action-packed storyboards from Phantasm 4 by Justin Zaharczuk

Veronica Carlson
• The beautiful star of Dracula Has Risen From the Grave and Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed talks about life among the Hammer Horrors with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and director Terence Fisher.

Monster Rally
• In a Pitt of Horror Special, Ingrid Pitt reports from this US convention dedicated to the stars of Horror, featuring Christopher Lee, Sara Karloff (daughter of Boris), Ray Harryhausen and many more!

Deep Blue Sea Preview
It’s Jaws times ten, as a host of super-intelligent sharks menace the crew of a floating laboratory who have tampered with nature, and now must pay the price...

Plus our regular sections:
  • News Stephen King, Douglas Adams, Steven Spielberg, Pee Wee Herman and William Castle all feature in this month’s bumper selection of Horror and Fantasy-related news!
  • Nine pages of reviews. On-line selections are The Haunting hits cinemas, plus Universal's 1931 Frankenstein on DVD. Full details of review section
  • Writer and broadcaster Kim Newman enters the world of The Blair Witch Project and wonders if the film can stand up to audiences’ great expectations in Opinion
  • The Fright of Your Life: Barbara Steele as a tortured soul coming back from the dead in the nightmarish Amanti d’oltretomba (Lovers from Beyond the Grave)
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