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selected from Shivers #69

Eyes Wide Open
Tom Cruise: Eyes Wide Open for LestatTom Cruise’s next project may well be The Vampire Lestat, an adaptation of the second of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series. The first, Interview with the Vampire was made five long years ago and its director, Neil Jordan, is said to be on board for the second... Or Cruise could star in a remake of the 1975 cult movie Death Race 2000, which featured the movie début of none other than Sylvester Stallone, for Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson...

Little Vampire
Shooting has started in Edinburgh on The Little Vampire, based on the series of best-selling books by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. 9 year-old Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire, in his first starring role, joins Richard E Grant, Jim Carter and Alice (Star Trek: First Contact) Krige in the Family Fantasy directed by Uli (Last Exit to Brooklyn) Edel and produced by Richard (An American Werewolf in Paris) Claus

The story, revolving around an American boy living in Scotland who befriends a family of vampires, has been written by Karey (James and the Giant Peach) Kirkpatrick and Larry (The Addams Family) Wilson. Continuing the An American Werewolf in Paris connection, special effects are by John Grower and director Anthony Waller is executive producing the Cometstone Picture which Icon Entertainment will release in Britain.