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The Mummy
• How the legend of the Mummy was updated for the new Universal blockbuster, and became the number one film in the US. Plus Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz feature on our fantastic poster. Plus the Shivers review...

All Screwed Up at Hill House The Haunting
• Catherine Zeta Jones, Liam Neeson, Lili Taylor and their director Jan de Bont talk on the set of this new millennial version of the famous novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. More...

Count on Udo KierUdo Keir
• Cult actor Udo Keir recalls his classic kitsch movies including Andy Warhol’s Dracula, and his role opposite John Malkovitch in the new biopic of German Expressionist director FW Murnau in Shadow of the Vampire

Shotgun wedding for Chucky? Bride of Chucky
• Chucky’s back, and this time he’s in love! Director Ronny Yu on bringing the Doll from Hell back to life, and star Jennifer Tilly says, "it's not every day you get asked to be the bride of the world's most notorious doll."

Hammer Reunion
• The stars of Hammer films got together for the second annual reunion at the famous Bray studios near Windsor

German Expressionism
• Eight influential early German films which redrew the lines of shock cinema (before the Universal Horrors of the 1930s), reviewed by Jonathan Rigby and sumptuously illiustrated by Claudia Andrei

Apt Pupil
• Screenwriter Brandon Boyce discusses adapting Stephen King’s short story into this new shocker

Mad Docs
• A new book looks at the careers of three actors who cornered the market in playing mad scientists in the Thirties and Forties

Plus our regular sections:
  • News including: Canned Hype announcements, Fantasm is off, but the Poe season in London and a Nigel Kneale weekend in Cardiff are on...
  • Over ten pages of reviews. On-line selections: The Mummy, plus new Buffy and X-Files books
  • Horror on the Web – World-wide-web Horror, and where to look for it
  • Writer and broadcaster Kim Newman discovers some kitsch classics in genre music in Opinion
  • Ingrid Pitt launches her autobiography and raises the hammer for Hammer in The Pitt of Horror
  • The Fright of Your Life – Karloff and Rathbone see off Vincent Price in The Tower of London!
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