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selected from Shivers #65

Basinger's Baby
LA Confidential Oscar winner Kim Basinger will star in the new Paramount Horror film Bless the Child, a supernatural thriller based on the novel by Cathy Cash Spellman which Chuck Russell (The Mask) will direct. Described as similar in theme to Rosemary's Baby, the shocker centres on three generations of women in a family who fulfil a biblical prophecy and unleash a battle between good and evil.

Texas Chain Saw Re-Make
Texas Chainsaw MassacreWhile it's good news that the BBFC have finally given Tobe Hooper's classic terror masterpiece The Texas Chainsaw Massacre an 18 certificate, the bad news is that the planned fourth sequel will now not be made. Well, that's according to Texas co-writer Kim Henkel whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the 5th Bradford Film Festival recently when I went up North to present their cult Horror Night. But the good news is that Tobe Hooper intends to shoot a scene-by-scene remake of the original in the same way director Gus Van Sant recently did with Psycho. Okay, that was awful, but at least Hooper is the same man responsible for the 1974 stomach-churner so the jury's out until the finished product reaches the screen sometime next year.

The Intruder
Although mentioned before, famed photographer David Bailey's directorial début is shaping up to be of major interest to the Horror fan. The film noir thriller with paranormal overtones stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nastassja Kinski, John Hannah, Molly Parker and Charles Powell and is based on the novel by Brooke Leimas. Set in a sinister apartment building which all the major stars call home, The Intruder is an intriguing tale of terror, love, paranoia and murder in parallel time frames.

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