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In this issue:
The Girls of Horror
• Has the role of the Horror heroine changed after the Scream films? We look at the evidence, with profiles of rising superstars Alyson Hannigan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell. Preview this two-part feature here

Apt PupilGods and Monsters
The life of James Whale, who directed the definitive cinema Frankenstein with Boris Karloff in 1931, is the subject of this superbOscar-nominated film, starring Sir Ian McKellen, which we preview in this issue.

The MummyMake-Up, Magic and Monsters
A fascinating three-part series ranging from the earliest days of movie make-up to the modern prosthetics of Buffy and The X-Files. We begin by looking at the work of the movie make-up pioneers, including Lon Chaney and Jack Pierce.

Trying to keep the Faculty togetherThe Faculty
• An exclusive look behind-the-scenes on the new high-school Horror. Director Robert Rodriguez and special effects designer Greg Nicotero discuss their fast-paced realisation of Kevin Williamson's body-snatching script.

Mr Sardonicus
Film producer and full-time huckster William Castle used every trick in the book to get punters into the cinemas. With this 1961 release, a ‘punishment poll’ let the audience decide the villain's fate...

I Stand Alone
Talented director Gaspar Noe on a new French film that pulls no punches

We also take a retrospective look at Seventies shock-fest Deranged, based on the life of serial killer Ed Gein • and Hammer composer James Bernard talks about scoring a new documentary on the early cinema Horrors.
News The new House on Haunted Hill, Brendan Fraser joins Monkey Bone, and much more • Eight pages of reviews including The Devil's Advocate on video and DVD, and Dean Koontz's novel Seize the Night • Kim Newman sounds forth on censorship in OpinionThe Pitt of Horror has more wit and wisdom from Hammer’s Countess Dracula, Ingrid Pitt • a heartstopping moment from Hammer’s The Plague of the Zombies is this month's Fright of Your Life

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