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Roy Ward Baker
Shivers attended the recent tribute at the National Film Theatre on London's South Bank to Roy Ward Baker, the director of Hammer's classics The Vampire Lovers, Quatermass and the Pit and Scars of Dracula. Paying tribute were stars including Roger Moore and Herbert Lom.

Apt PupilBoys of Horror
Why are the recent Horror heroes so popular? We investigate, with revealing profiles of favourite stars including David Boreanaz and Nicholas Brendon from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Joshua Jackson and Jared Leto from Urban Legend and Matthew Settle from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

The MummyTake the Mummy and Run
A look at the quartet of Mummy movies, including Universal's remake of the Boris Karloff classic and Talos The Mummy, due to rampage into your cinemas in 1999!

The Hills Have Eyes
• Examining Scream maestro Wes Craven's shocking tale of feral family values.

There's no safety in numbers as Jewish mysticism mixes with mathematics. We examine this independent movie sensation from first-time director Darren Aronofsky.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The upcoming stories for the third season of Buffy.

The Hands of Orlac
Christopher Lee plays a mad magician on the French Riviera in the third remake of this classic Horror story, also starring Mel Ferrer, Donald Wolfit and Danny Carroll.

Horror on the Web
We look at the wealth of Horror information available on the Internet

Nine pages of reviews including The Exorcist, The Lost Boys, Sphere and Fallen on DVD. Gus Van Sant's 'unnecessary' remake of Psycho and a bit of hocus pocus with Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic plus a batch of Buffy books.our news coverage by Alan Jones and A Nightmare on Elm Street is this month's Fright of Your Life

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