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selected from Shivers #61
LeatherfaceAfter H20 comes TX25. Yes, Leatherface and his demented family are returning for a 25th anniversary update of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Unapix Entertainment has bought the Chain Saw rights and is currently in pre-production on what will be the fifth instalment of the classic splatter franchise. Robert Baruc, Una-pix president, said, "We're so excited to be associated with this project, not the least because we're all fans who have practically grown up on this classic Horror series. TX25 will have all the thrills and chills of Tobe Hooper's 1974 original, but will deliver them in a hip, contemporary way." The film is expected to be in US theatres next Hallowe'en.

More Psycho

Raising new questions about just how close director Gus Van Sant and his cast will come to remaking Hitchcock's Psycho 'scene for scene, shot for shot' as promised, Anne Heche, who is playing the Janet Leigh role, told the New York Post, "I just had to change the whole thing around, to get my take on what kind of woman this is, who just wants to run off and get married." Still, she says, she hopes Leigh, who has expressed her opposition to the movie, will show up for the première. "I think she has a feeling of protectiveness over her role, but I think she'll get what we're doing when she sees it." Read our feature on Gus Van Sant's Psycho on page 10.

Genre writer Jeff Rovin's Fatalis has been optioned by Universal Pictures. The Jurassic Park-style thriller sees the return of sabre-toothed tigers who have sprung to life thanks to climatic shifts caused by El Nino. Rovin wants Sylvester Stallone to play the academic expert hero, with a predilection for ancient weaponry, who tries to stop the prehistoric felines invading Los Angeles. Rovin has also written Vespers for director Barry (Wild Wild West) Sonnenfeld and Disney about a plague of giant bats hitting New York.

From Hell is On
From Hell, the Jack the Ripper saga based on the series of graphic novels by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, is on course to be a major movie. Disney and New Line Cinema turned the project down, but now twin directors Allen and Albert Hughes, of Dead Presidents fame, have set the film up at Fox. Focusing on the investigation of the infamous London killings by Scotland Yard detective Fred-erick Abberline, the script draws Victorian personalities like Houdini into the multi-layered and violent story with a shocking conclusion.

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