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Issue #57 (bumper edition), September 1998
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Horror friendly Dimension Films will make Ghosting, an adaptation of a gory comic book series. Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the chairman/producer of Platinum Studios, who previously set up Dead of Night with Dimension based on the Italian franchise Dylan Dog, and Cowboys and Aliens at Universal, Ghosting is being seen in terms of a Scream-like property ripe with sequel possibilities. Basically the idea is to replace fraternity and sorority house hazings with more hair-raising substitutes. “Pledges are scared to death and psychologically abused”, explained Rosenberg. “If a pledge is afraid of heights, he might wake up and find his bed on top of the frat house.” A new character along the lines of Freddie Krueger will also be introduced into the campus proceedings to further ensure series potential.

Simon Magus

Eight weeks of shooting has just been completed in Wales and at Shepperton Studios on Simon Magus starring Noah Taylor, Embeth Davidtz, Stuart Townsend, Ian Holm and Rutger Hauer. Produced by Robert (The Usual Suspects) Jones, it marks the feature début of British writer/director Ben Hopkins whose shorts, including National Achievement Day and The Holy Time, have won numerous Festival accolades. Simon Magus is the magical tale of a vanished world; a story of Fantasy, romance, mysticism and earthy humour. Shine’s Noah Taylor plays the title role, outcast from a village decimated by the arrival of a steam railway. Then the Devil appears to make Simon perform malicious acts which isolate him even more... Davidtz and Townsend play star-crossed lovers with a plan to halt their village’s destruction, Holm their opposition, and Hauer the flamboyant Squire of the parish.

Exorcist: The Beginning
Morgan Creek Productions are readying Exorcist: The Beginning. William Wisher is scripting the prequel which will focus on the first encounter with the Devil by Father Merrin (played in the 1973 film by Max Von Sydow). Morgan Creek also have two more Horrors on their Warner Bros slate – The In-Between, a supernatural tale by Sid Quarshie, and Killer Dentist, by Peg Haller and Bob Schneider, from a story by Richard Raskind, about a dentist who finds himself in hot water when he helps his bad-seed brother fake his own death.

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