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Director Joe Chappelle (Halloween 6, Hellraiser: Bloodline) on bringing Dean Koontz's terrifying novel of ancient evil to the screen. Plus pictures of its stars - hot Hollywood newcomer Ben Affleck, and the inimitable Peter O'Toole.

Species 2
Producer Frank Mancuso and director Peter Medak on the new sequel to the barnstorming SF/Horror movie Species, plus original design sketches from HR Giger. Beautiful Natasha Henstridge returns as the alien human hybrid Eve - an unlikely ally for mankind... and she's on our free pull-out poster.

Joseph Ross
The secrets of a modern-day make-up man, from An American Werewolf in London to Prosthetics Co-ordinator in last year's hit Event Horizon. Joseph Ross also talks about his work on Greystoke, Krull and Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce with exclusive production designs and photographs.

Doug Bradley
We meet Britain's hardest-working Horror actor - an icon of the fantastique since his role as Pinhead in the Hellraiser films, with later appearances in Nightbreed, Proteus and Killer Tongue. In this interview, he emphasises his support for the genre, with photos from his newest role as a sinister dentist in the independent film On Edge.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
We return to the first adventure for Buffy and her High school friends in Welcome to the Hellmouth. With quotes, behind the scenes facts, deleted scenes and a complete synopsis, it's a treat for the legions of Buffy fans.

We re-assess David Cronenberg's early hit, a tale of biological vampirism. A life-saving operation leads to a craving for blood, as a patient infects her victims with a rabies-like disease.

The Pitt of Horror
This month Ingrid Pitt (Hammer's Countess Dracula) takes up her bell, book and candle, and goes ghost-hunting in Norfolk and Elstree.

Plus Cube preview • that monstrous Lynx commercial • The Quatermass Experiment in Fright of Your Life • Kim Newman on Godzilla • Fantasm 1998 • news • reviews of The X-Files movie and its Making Of... documentary, plus new soundtracks, books, videos and episodes of Millennium and Buffy (click here for selected reviews)

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