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Issue 55 Published June 1998
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Deal of the Millennium
Fourteen years after he first considered the project at Paramount, Jean-Jacques Beineix, director of Diva and Betty Blue, will finally make the vampire tale Deal of the Millennium. The $60 million undead saga will begin filming in Paris in December and Beineix said, "The film will contain lots of special effects, but it is not a special effects movie. I want to make people dream, and the film is about a young vampire girl who must go through Hell in order to achieve her dream." Basically the story centres around two young adult vampires who need a more experienced vampire to teach them the ways of 'the life'. After completing Deal of the Millennium, Beineix (who hasn't made a film since 1992's IP5) will then begin pre-production on the clone thriller Reproduction Interdite about a technological war between Europe and America.

The Exorcist Miniseries

William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, has just completed a new script of his best-seller for the television market. Blatty has put into the four one-our episodes all the character and theology that director William Friedkin saw fit to excise for his controversial 1973 blockbuster. Although Blatty adores the film, he decided to take another look at his novel and make it more accessible for the TV literate audiences of the Nineties. To be aired on the Fox network and Sky in Britain, the mini-series will be shot in Toronto and is currently in the casting process, though who could possibly follow in the famed footsteps of Max Von Sydow, Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair is anybody's guess. Nic (Don't Look Now) Roeg is Blatty's favoured choice to direct.

The Curse of Tittikhamon
Michael Armstrong's name needs no introduction here. The director of Mark of the Devil and The Haunted House of Horror has just had his introduction to Steve Chibnall's excellent Making Mischief: The Cult Film of Pete Walker, published by FAB Press. But on July 7 at London's New End Theatre, Armstrong fans will get a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. For his never-filmed 1978 screenplay The Curse of Tittikhamon will be presented as a World Premiere play in a series titled 'Movies That Never Got Made'. Written as a send-up of Mummy movies with a Mel Brooks streak of humour running through it, director Allen Stone has reinvented Armstrong's idea as a live radio broadcast, with seven actors playing all forty characters, a pianist scoring the piece as it goes along, and a harassed sound effects man trying to keep up with all the spoof Horror thriller elements.

Tales from the Crypt
Dimension Films has struck a deal with the owners of the cult HBO series Tales from the Crypt – Joel Silver, Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis, Walter Hill and David Giler – to become the theatrical distributor of a new run of features based on the cult show. Universal Pictures distributed the two previous Crypt films, Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood, with little success. But it’s expected Dimension will breathe new life into the moribund series as they did the Horror franchise Scream. No specific projects or titles are under discussion at the moment, but movement is expected early next year.