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John Carpenter
Horror's premier director talks with Horror novelist Dennis Etchison about his new movie Vampires in his most candid interview yet. (Watch out for part two of the interview in the next issue of Shivers.) Plus an interview with Vampires costume designer Robin Michelle Bush.

Effects Wizard Volker Engel explains how he made the mightiest monster of them all destroy New York City. Plus a Godzilla poster!

The X-Files
We take a look back at Season Three's Paper Clip, the episode which began the conspiracy story arc which breaks out onto the big screen with the new movie The X-Files: Fight the Future.

Part two of our exclusive look at the effects created by Gary Tunnicliffe at Image Animation.

Fantasm 98
Win tickets to London's premier Horror festival. Plus British director Jake West on his 'vampire chick flick' Razor Blade Smile, a film that's sure to be one of the highlights of the festival; and a look at the career of Mario Bava whose work will be showcased at Fantasm.

Religious mania breeds ritualistic murder in Alfred Sole's Catholic cult classic.

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