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Issue 54 Published June 1998
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Cronenberg Exclusive
Director David Cronenberg is up to his old tricks from all the news I'm getting about his latest movie eXistenZ. Best described as Videdrome meets Jumanji, Cronenberg's new Body Horror exercise is very reminiscent of his earlier works but given a very Nineties spin. The story is about a state-of-the-art games system developed by Antenna Research which you play by plugging pulsating MetaFlesh game pods into bio-ports situated in your spinal column just above the belt line. In Cronenberg's alternate universe, this simple bio-port operation can be carried out at any Shopping Mall or Gas Station and is rather like having your navel pierced. The various games you can play that go beyond Nintendo virtuality into a whole new hyper reality altogether have titles like ArtGod and use the nervous systems of specially bred mutant insects to create their electronic environments.

Alien 5

Well, it was expected wasn't it? Sigourney Weaver has just signed up for Alien V. She said, "They're resurrecting Ripley and the damn monsters with DNA once again". No director or start date has been set for the new Fox Space Horror venture, but the reason why Weaver will return to battle the slimy bio-mechanoids again is because "They pay me very well to be an alien".

Arnie Bedevilled
Keanu Reeves took on the Devil in The Devil's Advocate and now it's Schwarzenegger's turn. Arnold is set to duel with the Devil in the supernatural thriller End of Days for Universal Pictures. Budgeted in the $100 million area, the movie is set at the turn of the millennium and concerns Satan heading for Manhattan to look for a bride. Arnie plays the ex-cop-turned elite security outfit owner who must foil his plan.

Carrie 2
It sounds like sacrilege to me but 22 years after Brian de Palma changed the face of Horror with Carrie, the first film with a super-shock ending, a sequel to that Oscar-nominated Stephen King classic is currently being filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Carrie launched Sissy Spacek and John Travolta, and re-launched the career of Hollywood veteran Piper Laurie. The same ethic is being applied here as newcomer Dylan Bruno, featured in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, joins Jason London, Emily Bergl and Amy Irving in Carrie II directed by Katt Shea (Poison Ivy).