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Forget all that three wishes business… Peter Atkins tells us how he rewrote the genie myth for producer Wes Craven. Plus an exclusive look at skeleton effects created by Image Animation's Gary Tunnicliffe for the movie.

The Phantom of the Opera
Straight from the set, director Dario Argento pulls the mask from his remake of this Horror classic.

Motel Hell
Only check in if you're ready for the ultimate check-out… We take a look at the Eighties shlock Horror which combined comedy and cannibalism.

The Outer Limits
Writer and producer Joseph Stefano discusses how he created the seminal Sixties Sc-Fi/Horror anthology series.

Hammer Horror
A web worth getting trapped in? We investigate how Britain's most famous Horror film company is going on-line on the Internet.

The Crazies
Why are the good people dying? Because a man-made virus has turned the population of a small town into murderers in George Romero's chilling 1972 movie. We revisit one of the cult director's finest films.

Plus • why Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is really very frightening • Ingrid Pitt launches her new book The Bedside Companion for VampiresBuffy the Vampire SlayerThe X-Files • reviews • news

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