Prelude to Armageddon - Inside The X-Files
A recent X-Files documentary threatened to spill the beans...

ON the first of February, 1998, Fox Television broadcast Inside the X-Files, the latest in the growing number of behind-the-scenes documentaries. This one was a little different, in that it was ostensibly 'written' by Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban, and had specially shot interviews with the cast and creators of The X-Files, who were more than willing to elaborate on certain aspects of the show. Gillian Anderson in particular was happy to reflect on her early days on the series with some amusement.
"I remember everything being awkward. Everything was difficult and strange and [I was] just trying to find my place, not only in the character but also learning the ropes and learning how to stand on my mark and get my light and do all that kind of stuff. I thought the reason why the producers were huddling around the monitor was because they were discussing how bad I was and how could we recast this."

Using previously unseen footage from the pilot episode of Scully meeting her boyfriend at work, Chris Carter described early directives for his series.
"There was some pressure early on in the development of the show to establish that the characters had personal lives outside the FBI. We wanted to see who they were dating and I felt that that was all wrong. I felt the stories needed to drive the characters and their work needed to drive them, that their work was all-consuming and that they actually had no personal lives. This was a quest, a romantic quest in the literary sense."
Gillian Anderson recalls her impressions of the scripted relationship with her assigned love-interest. "At the time I just assumed that it was going to be the first of many relationships outside of her relationship with Mulder. It was just a given to me, and I think to everybody at the time, that it was just part of the storyline. David Duchovny elaborated. "What normal people strive for - warmth, security, a family - these things fade away in the brightness of the quest which is to find the truth. There's just nothing else."

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