Shivers cover

Scream 2
The Scream teens are back for more! Scriptwriter Kevin Williamson on the making of Wes Craven's latest homage to the Horror genre. Plus an exclusive Scream 2 poster.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Grooming advice for the undead revealed by make-up artist Todd McIntosh, in the second part of our behind-the-scenes peek.

Ken Russell
What is Horror? The British scare supremo lays down the law in an exclusive interview by Ingrid Pitt.

Christopher Lee
Ol' red eyes interviewed on Karloff, singing and turning down Airplane. Don't call him Shirley…

The Nanny
Midwifery besmirched by Hammer in this classic 1960s nursery shocker starring Bette Davis - your comfort blanket won't help you now.

Plus Ingrid Pitt, The Ugly, The X-Files, The Devil-Doll, Hammertime at the NFT, reviews and news.

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