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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination Ltd 1998 - 2006
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Issue #129 • ships from Aug 9 2006
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $6.99

Directors Issue
The Wicker Man (2006)
Exclusive Interview

• Acclaimed director Neil LaBute on the remake of one of the greatest Horror films of all time:

Not a word…Severance
Exclusive Interview

• Chris Smith (director of Creep) talks to us about his new British Horror film, where an office outward-bound trip goes horribly wrong!

He has that look…The Covenant
Set Visit!

• In this new movie, a group of teenage warlocks wreak havoc in an exclusive New England boarding school. We met with director Renny Harlin

ItLady in the Water
• Director M Night Shyamalan, actors Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard talk about their new film, which sees storybook characters appearing in a run-down apartment complex

Masters of Horror 2
• We meet great Horror directors Mick Garris, Tobe Hooper, Stuart Gordon and Joe Dante as they launch their second season of TV frights!

Nightmares & Dreamscapes Set Visit!
• Behind the scenes of the new Stephen King anthology series starring William Hurt, Greta Scacchi and William H Macy

Get ready…FrightFest 2006
• A preview of the annual Horror festival, with some first screenings of new delights…

  • Daniel Craig will play the Devil in I, Lucifer
  • Re-Animator heads for the White House,
  • The latest on the Clash of the Titans remake
  • Guillermo del Toro’s new project Call of the Sea
  • Wes Craven prepares the next Hills Have Eyes

  • Nic Cage is Edward Maulis, facing the terrifying secret of Summersisle in the new version of The Wicker Man

Guest contributors
  • The Pitt of Horror
    Ingrid Pitt on the recording of a riotous DVD commentary for Countess Dracula and some forthcoming Hammer merchandise

  • The Fright of Your Life
    Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history – this issue, the Vampire attacks in Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter

  • Opinion
    Kim Newman continues his examination of recent Vampire movies that have been released on DVD, including Vlad and Way of the Vampire

8 packed pages of reviews including…
  • Book Reviews
    Christopher Moore’s Practical Demonkeeping and Sergei Lukyanenko’s Russian epic The Night Watch

  • Film Reviews
    New Horror movies including Severance, the remake of The Omen, Reeker, Ju-On: The Grudge 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

  • DVD Reviews
    New Horror on DVD including Hostel, The Hills Have Eyes, Angel Heart, two outrageous Jess Franco Frankenstein movies and TV chills in Dark Season and Century Falls

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Magnolia Pictures, Screen Gems Inc, Warner Bros

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2006. Not for reproduction

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