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Feature: House of Wax

Meltdown at the House of Wax

Chad Michael Murray A set report with Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Michael Murray, stars of the new remake of the Vincent Price classic House of Wax

As we arrive on the set of House of Wax to report for Shivers, we drive down an amazing-looking street. Itís a specially-built set for the movie and the detail on display is amazing Ė Art Dťco meets Texas Chainsaw. We pass an old gas station, shops, houses and the Wax Museum itself. A desolate cinema comes complete with a torn Evil Dead poster in the foyer Ė a nod to Raimiís low-budget classic which in turn featured a ripped The Hills Have Eyes poster in homage to Wes Craven. The makers are keen that the new House of Wax joins this legendary Horror lineage...

Dark Castle, Joel Silverís Horror company, has already revisited the work of legendary showman William Castle with House on Haunted Hill and 13 Ghosts. This time itís the turn of House of Wax, a grisly melodrama made in the Fifties (in 3-D) and starring Vincent Price, the film was itself a remake of 1931ís Mystery of the Wax Museum starring Lionel Attwill. Directed by newcomer Jaume Collet-Serra, 2005ís House of Wax stars up-and-coming stars Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Michael Murray, both of whom are best known for their TV work on 24 and One Tree Hill respectively. Shivers met up with the actors to discuss their Horror dťbuts.

Why did the pair become involved in a Horror film? ďItís hard to say no to Joel Silver,Ē laughs Cuthbert, ďI spoke to him prior to reading the script, he said he had a project he was interested in me doing and wanted me to take a look at it. I read it and was a little bit apprehensive because it was at a time when I wanted to do something much different to The Girl Next Door and I wasnít sure what that was going to be. But then I had a great chat to Jaume, the director, and was very impressed. I thought he could do something really cool, a bit darker with it. I then had another conversation with Joel in person and he pretty much convinced me to do it.Ē

The filmís potential also impressed Chad Michael Murray, ďItís a pretty original idea, itís something that I havenít seen done. Itís something that I think is a definite new twist in Horror films and Iíve a feeling that people are going to be petrified. Iím not a Horror guy. I love certain Horror movies but to act and star in one of them? I donít know... Iíve seen a lot of those teen dramas that theyíve done, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream Ė no offence to those films but thatís not the kind of art or Horror Iíd want to do. So I just saw an opportunity with a really interesting character and a really interesting story and I jumped on it.Ē

by David Brown

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Shivers #120
May 2005
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