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Feature: Blade: Trinity

Vampire Apocalypse

Blade and friends

Meet the stars and director of the new Vampire epic!

The world is about to perish in a Vampire Apocalypse – a plague that will obliterate all Human life. It begins quietly, in the once-beautiful city of Vancouver, the setting for Blade: Trinity, the final chapter in the Blade film trilogy. The Vampires have taken over, immersing themselves in society, gaining political power and destroying their enemies. Chief among these enemies is Blade, the world’s greatest Vampire slayer, who has been framed for murder and is now a fugitive.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, an ancient evil has been awakened after a centuries-long sleep. This is none other than the world’s most famous Vampire, the legendary Dracula, who goes by the name Drake and whose new name reflects the fact that this incarnation of the famous monster has more powers than Bram Stoker ever imagined. When Blade appears on a dark sidewalk, underneath a subway terminal, he’s immediately surrounded by a gang of machine-gun firing Vampires. Gunfire erupts but there’s no police in sight, not until daylight. Basically, the whole world is on the verge of becoming the planet of the Vampires.

David Goyer, writer and director of Blade: Trinity, is one of the busiest genre figures in film today and has been with the Blade series from the beginning, as screenwriter of Blade and Blade II. After making his directing début with the low budget 2001 drama ZigZag, a film that starred Wesley Snipes, Goyer was thrilled to be given the chance to direct the third, and final, chapter in the Blade film series. According to Goyer, the stakes have never been higher for Blade. Blade: Trinity represents Mankind’s last chance to avoid being ruled by the Vampires forever. “The Vampires have secretly become a part of our society and gained a lot of political power,” says Goyer. “Their goal is to discredit their enemies, namely Blade, and make people think Blade is a crazy mass murderer. They’re in control of the media and there’s a scene in the film, on a talk show, where the people are talking about Blade like he’s a criminal. Everyone thinks Blade and Whistler are insane. Blade can’t prove he’s killing Vampires because the Vampires turn to ash and there’s no evidence.”

The main conflict in Blade: Trinity concerns a plot by the Vampires, led by the villainous Vampiress Danica Talos (Parker Posey), to resurrect the legendary Dracula (Dominic Purcell) and harvest his DNA – pure Vampire DNA. This they will use to give the Vampires the ability to live as Daywalkers, like Blade. Goyer’s version of Dracula is aeons beyond Bram Stoker’s creature, as he explains. “The Dracula from Bram Stoker is just a small part of the monster,” says Goyer. “He is the father of the Vampire race, the origin of the Vampire’s genetic code, thousands of years old, which is why the Vampires want him so badly because his blood is pure. The Vampires’ blood isn’t pure because they’ve been crossbreeding with Humans all of these years while Dracula has slept.”

by David Grove

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Shivers #117
December 2004
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