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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination Ltd 1998 - 2004
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Issue #111 • ships from Mar 4 2004
News-stand Price UK £3.99 / US $6.99


• He’s a demon on the side of the angels – Mike Mignola’s cult comic book hero Hellboy is coming to the big screen, courtesy of Cronos director Gulliermo Del Toro. We talk to Del Toro and the effects staff responsible for bringing the singular look of Mignola’s comic to life…

Sacre bleu!Switchblade Romance
• It's been called “the most violent film ever made”, so naturally we had to take a look at this daring new French shocker. So we met the director, Alexandre Aja.

BewareThe Toolbox Murders
• We take a first peek at director Tobe Hooper’s reimagination of the shocking Seventies splatter classic – but whatever you do, don’t call it a remake…

Oh mummy…Dawn of the Dead
• We interview the talented make-up crew responsible for the look of the zombies – there are three kinds seen this time – in this new, big-budget remake of the Horror classic.

Il Cartaio
• Dario Argento’s toned down the graphic horror in favour of psychological suspense in his latest film – but has the gamble paid off?

Angel at 100
• Creater Joss Whedon tells us his plans for the 5th season, plus news on the series’ cancellation.

Shaun of the Dead
• We take a look at the British ‘Zombie Romantic Comedy’ starring Simon Pegg.

2004 Preview
• The upcoming Horror films of 2004 are placed under the microscope, including Secret Window, starring Johnny Depp, and Alien vs Predator

  • News from the Trieste Science Plus Fiction Festival, including the long-awaited conclusion to Dario Argento’s La Tezra Madre trilogy.
  • Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s starring role in the remake of Japanese Horror Ju-On, and
  • Robert Englund in Phantom of Manhattan
  • Ron Perlman stars as Hellboy
The Fright of Your Life
  • Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic scene from Horror history – this issue, John Carpenter’s infamous psychological Science Fiction chiller The Thing
  • Kim Newman casts his eye over a new version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, starring The Mummy’s John Hannah
The Pitt of Horror
  • Ingrid Pitt continues her retrospective of Horror novelist Dennis Wheatley
Ten pages of reviews including…
  • TV Reviews
    The newest episodes from Season 5 of Angel
  • Film Reviews
    Halle Berry stars in the supernatural chiller Gothika, and Eddie Murphy is spookedby some kid-friendly ghosts in The Haunted Mansion

  • DVD Reviews
    Eliza Dushku in Wrong Turn, plus The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Ted Bundy, Memoirs of an Invisible Man and more

  • Book Reviews
    Christopher Fowler’s short story collection Demonised
    episode guide Hollywood Vampire
    Spectre and
    Aspects of a Psychopath

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Lions Gate Films Inc, Alan Jones

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2004. Not for reproduction

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