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Feature: Halloween Resurrection

Halloween Resurrected

Face to face…

A set report on the latest instalment of the Halloween saga from downtown Vancouver!

It is a gorgeous, sunny day in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the massive, nondescript building in an industrial part of town doesn’t draw much attention from the carefree kids gliding by on their bikes. If they only knew that legendary celluloid slasher Michael Myers was in the vicinity, they might pedal a little faster. The eighth entry in the Halloween saga is being filmed right here, with director Rick Rosenthal from Halloween II returning to guide the shocks. In this one, a webcast entrepreneur comes up with the idea of gathering six students from Haddonfield College and having them enter Michael Myers’s house on Hallowe’en night, to uncover the secrets of the greatest serial-killer in American history.

It’s all being recorded and shown live, unedited, over the Net, but unbenownst to the camera-carrying students, Myers is still very much alive, and has actually been living under the house for 20 years. Needless to say, he’s not thrilled by the prospect of renewed publicity. Inside the hulking structure, workers have spent six weeks assembling two sets that will serve as the interior of the dreaded Myers residence. Next to one of them sits local stuntman Brad Loree, resplendent in the plain blue overalls which Myers prefers. He’s the charming fellow who will be called upon to hack and slash at the gaggle of unwelcome visitors when Rosenthal calls ‘action’.

Slow, slow, slow...

Loree says that the biggest challenge of playing an unstoppable masked killer is living up to the model set by Nick Castle in the first Halloween. “The way Michael Myers moves,” he points out, “was something that was very specific. Some of the guys that played him sort of humanized him by moving less like a robot and more like a person – they moved too fast sometimes – and for me, that made him less scary. But maintaining this very slow, eerie, methodical gait – is not as easy as it looks to do. The cameras are rolling, your heart is beating, and your feet tend to move at the same pace as your heart. So the director has to remind you that it’s slow, slow, slow...”

by Steve Newton

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Feature © Visual Imagination 2002. Not for reproduction

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Shivers #100
Nov - Bumper 100th (Red) 2002
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