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Feature: Jeepers Creepers 2

A Shivers exclusive set report

An exclusive visit to the set of the most eagerly awaited Horror sequel Ė Jeepers Creepers 2!

Itís such an impressive sight. You walk into a massive aeroplane hangar at the old boeing aerodrome in long beach, California, to see half the space taken up by an enormous deserted highway. Built from scratch and complete with a winding asphalt road, grassy verges and gnarled trees as far as the eye can see to the painted horizon, this set is where the main action takes place in the highly anticipated sequel to last yearís break-out box-office Horror success Jeepers Creepers.


In the middle of this atmospheric scenery Ė a precise recreation of the remote location at the Tejon Ranch in Frasier Park, north of Los Angeles Ė and stretched out across the road like a wounded animal lies a broken-down bus. And inside the yellow bus is a group of basketball players and cheerleaders fighting for their lives against the most terrifying movie monster created in decades. Yes, The Creeper has returned on the final night of his latest 23 days of flesh-eating every 23 years to feast on selected body parts of new victims.

In another part of the hangar (most of the crew use golf carts to cross the vast area quickly), actor Jonathan Breck, The Creeper himself, is having the final touches put to his streamlined demonic look by ace special effects make-up man Brian Penikas. In this chilling outing, the creature from hell has had a nose job to include a nasal flutter allowing him to more visually sniff out his intended organ delicacy. He also has talons instead of feet because in Jeepers Creepers 2 the scary Creeper spends most of his time airborne attacking his human prey from the skies. Such green screen effects sequences, and many other shocking surprises, are being filmed just behind Penikasís make-up trailer where producer Tom Luse is overseeing the second unit stunt work. Iím visiting the set in the penultimate week of principal shooting in July 2002, and the hangar is a welcoming hive of bustling activity, excitement and enthusiasm.

by Alan Jones

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Jeepers Creepers 2 in:
Shivers #100

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Shivers #100
Nov - Bumper 100th (Red) 2002
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