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This issue: we look at the life and career of Robert Patrick

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Issue 27 out April 25 2002 UK £2.50, US $3.99

Robert Patrick - revisited
• Although now better known as one of the stars of the hit US TV series The X-Files, Robert Patrick has had what might be called an exceptionally intriguing movie career. Quietly determined to hit the big time, it was thought his time had come when he played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as the shape-changing killer robot in Terminator 2.

Robert Patrick in Fire in the Sky• Since then, however, the man whose performances can lift a drab film (“I’ve done 55 movies and in all seriousness there’s maybe five that are any good,” he says), has found himself as a dependable supporting character and we present highlights from his varied career.

We take a detailed look at Robert's recent life and career, including:

  • His determination to succeed: “Hollywood will not get rid of me.”
  • How the Terminator 2 role affected him
  • How he went from the sports field to Hollywood
  • Just why he’s made so many straight-to-video movies
  • Highlights of his best movies
  • How his starring role in The X-Files might change his career
  • His sense of humour in taking on his T-1000 cameo in Wayne's World...
  • ... and as the would-be world dictator in the smash hit Spy Kids
  • Illustrated, as always, with a range of full colour photographs, from each movie covered!

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