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This issue: we look once more at the life and
career of Brad Pitt

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Issue 26 out March 21 2002 UK £2.50, US $3.99

Brad Pitt - revisited
• He was one of our very first subjects for Movie Idols back in 1997. Since then we've seen Brad Pitt capitalize on his stardom to join the biggest names in Hollywood! Back in the day, he was a good-looking boy with a penchant for offbeat projects - but now he's one of the most respected actors in the industry...

Brad Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet• Over the last five years, Brad has gone from cementing his acting credentials with films such as Seven Years in Tibet and Fight Club to parading his superstar status as one of the new 'Rat Pack' in Steven Soderbergh's remake of Ocean's Eleven

We take a detailed look at Brad's recent life and career, including:

  • His relationship with Friends star, and fellow Movie Idol, Jennifer Aniston
  • His second role opposite Anthony Hopkins, as Death himself in Meet Joe Black
  • Playing the flipside to Edward Norton in a brutal satire on masculinity, Fight Club
  • Giving it some bare knuckle bravado as an incoherent gypsy in Guy Ritchie’s Snatch - and becoming “one of the boys” with Vinnie Jones
  • Exploring his talent for light comedy, opposite Julia Roberts (well, for all of ten minutes) in quirky hit The Mexican
  • Being reunited with Robert Redford for the complex espionage thriller The Spy Game
  • Working alongside the most impressive cast of recent years, including George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia in his latest hit, Ocean’s 11.
  • Each of Brad’s films from 1997 to date is analysed in full, featuring comments from both Pitt himself and his directors!
  • Illustrated, as always, with a range of full colour photographs, from each movie covered!

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